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2022 Jarrod Bunch Youth Football Camp - June 25th

The Jarrod Bunch Youth Football Camp is back on Saturday, June 25th at Spire Institute in Geneva. The event is FREE for ages 7-13.

Pre-registration at the Ashtabula Public Library on Thursday, May 26th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Geneva Public Library on Tuesday, May 31st from 3:00-4:30 p.m.

Register online:

There is walkup registration the day of the event from 7:30-8:45 on June 25th.

Ontario Teachers Participate in Professional Development

We applaud the contributions of every instructor/instructional leader and their dedication to student success. Teachers at Ontario Primary and across the district participated in Professional Development throughout the year empowering them with tools for every aspect of their craft, and developing training opportunities that keep them growing and thriving. Shout out to Ontario Primary staff for sharing what this looks like for teachers to be learners!

Diversity Immersed Through Instructional Resources and Embedded Learning

Diversity Immersed through Instructional Resources and Embedding Learning
Although we celebrate Black History Month every year in February, it truly can be celebrated all year long. Learning about these amazingly intelligent, beautiful, historical people on a regular basis is the emphasis in the Ashtabula Area City Schools.

Ontario Primary students in Mrs. Love’s 2nd Grade class learned about many Black American history and culture through the children's book "The ABC’s of Black History" by Rio Cortez.

As RoLesia Holman, AACS Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion supported teachers and administrators to find instructional resources to celebrate Black History Month, she found a wealth of resources, partnered with ACDL (Ashtabula County District Library) and made books available for all AACS employees. Of the many books that caught her eye, she chose to read the ABCs of Black History, a children's book that introduced Black Americans whose name or profession matched with each letter of the alphabet.

" I liked learning about how all of the people we learned about helped the whole world." said Danicia Keyes.

Kinley DelValle shared " I liked learning about how one person can help so many."

Elijah Evans exclaimed, “I loved doing this project. I loved learning about Martin Luther King, James Van DerZee and all of the sport stars".

This comprehensive and colorful text was full of information set to rhythmical and rhyming prose. She and 2nd grade teacher Lisa Love, set out to create a project where Ms. Holman read segments of the book (during multiple visits), Mrs. Love and her students did additional research, colored pictures of the African-Americans and hung them in the hallway at Ontario Primary School so that others could see and learn about the many Black Americans who experienced and/or contributed to math, science, the arts and more. Mrs. Love shared, " I learned so much by doing this project. So many amazing contributions were made by people who are not given the recognition they deserve."

The project spanned three months and covered several standards and integrated instruction. It helped 2nd graders learn about Black women and men who helped shape the world we live in today. They discovered the rich tapestry of our history, the value of diversity, equity and inclusion and how we all benefit from it.

Pictured is Danicia Keyes wearing a Rosa Parks shirt standing next to her project.
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