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PAX Leaders Recognized

Students at Ontario Primary are given certificates to displaying positive behaviors in and out of the classroom. These 2nd graders were given “Positive Office Referrals” for being PAX Leaders. Pictured is Ontario Primary Mrs. Shannon Sanzo with students: Emily Daymut, Vincent Jenne, Lydia St. Angelo and Bentley Wolfe.

The certificates are displayed throughout the school as acknowledgment that good behavior and hard work are celebrated and recognized.

Destination District Chosen for New AACS Teacher

When Zoe Hodgkinson graduated from Kent State University, the Lakeside High
School alumnus had her destination district in mind- the Ashtabula Area City
Schools. She is one of many educators that are a product of AACS education and
now returns to the district to begin her coaching and teaching career.

Click Here To Complete The Alternate Bus Stop Parent Request Form

The Transportation Department is finalizing the bus routes for this year and preparing the mailings to notify families of their new route information. Remember that it is very important to complete the "Alternate Bus Stop Parent Request Form" to ensure your student is provided with an accurate bus route.
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