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Ontario Primary 2019-2020
Lakeside High School seniors volunteer their time at Ontario Primary school and the students love to have them here!
Sean 2020
2nd & 7 Foundation 
Lakeside Girls and Boys Basketball Teams read to our second grade students today!  The importance of knowing that academics come first as these young Dragons learn from these amazing high school student athletes.
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 BB9 BB9 BB10  BB11 BB1  BB12 BB13  BB14
100th day of school was AWESOME at
100TH  Marsilio  Emerton  Love2  Love 3 
Breakfast with the Principal for ROAR students - Respectful - Outstanding Academics, Always Safe and Responsible.
Books were donated in Loving Memory of Sandy Babin a former teacher at AACS. 
Books  Books 2
Spirit Week October 7-10, 2019
Hat Day   
Students working hard at Ontario Primary School! 
Joslin   Sidbeck
Establishing friendships and being good PAX leaders at Ontario Primary School!
Ontario   Ontario 1
Ontario 3   First Day of School  
First Day of School

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Lisa Newsome


Administrative Assistant

School Times

7:20 - Drop off

7:45 - 8:15 - WOW time - Literacy and Math scheduled time. building wide.

8:00 am- 2:15 pm - School Day

Excusable Absences are:

1.  personal illness

2.  illness in the student's family

3.  death in the student's family

4.  quarantine for a medical reason

5.  religious reasons

6.  emergency - which is determined by the superintendent or building principal


The office must be notified with a phone call prior to 8:30 A.M. on the day of absence.  A written explanation is required on the day the student returns to school from an absence. 

Any student arriving after 10:00 A.M. is counted absent for a half day.  A students who is late to school must report to the building office. 

Every effort should be made to schedule medical and dental appointments after the school day.  Those wishing to be dismissed early from school should bring a written note stating the reason for early dismissal. The note should include parent/guardian's name and phone number for verification. 

No students shall be released to anyone who is not authorized.

Any visitor/guest must register in the Principal's office immediately upon entering the school building.

Parents and the public are always welcome to visit school.  All visitors are asked to register in the Principal's office first.  Please call ahead for an appointment with the administrator, teacher, or person with whom one wants to meet.

When weather is extremely severe or a calamity occurs, parents are asked to listen to the local radio stations WFUN - WZOO and TV Channel 5, Cleveland.