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Principal's Page

Principal's Page

Principal's Page


Shannon Sanzo

Ontario Primary welcomes Shannon Sanzo!  More info to follow!

Administrative Assistant

Nicole Smith

Nicole moved to Ashtabula in 1994 from Aurora, Colorado.  She graduated from Edgewood High School and has been a resident of Ashtabula ever since.  Nicole has been with the district for four years serving previously as the central registration administrative assistant and Early Learning Center administrative assistant.  
nichole smith                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Ontario Primary

Ontario Primary

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Outstanding Academics

Always Safe

Class DOJO

Many of our teachers used class DOJO last year as a means of keeping parents informed of student progress and behavior. You should have received an invitation from your child’s teacher to download the free Class DOJO app or log in for the computer. A separate letter will explain the pro-gram in more detail. Here is a basic explanation to get you started.

Instead of using the color wheel to keep track of student behavior on a general scale teachers will meet with students to set individual goals for the number of DOJO points they will try to earn. Once the goal is set stu-dents will start earning points toward their individual goal. Monthly celebrations (similar to the great green celebrations last year) will be for students who have met their goal during the month. A student is part of the celebration in the month he or she meets the goal. Then a new goal is set and the student continues. Beginning with September students will bring home the green folder with the monthly calendar. They will report daily whether or not they are making progress to-ward their goals.

Parents who use the app or login will be able to track progress daily as well as text message with the teacher. Many of our parents found the messaging to be an especially helpful communication tool.